Nomad Device Lab is a shared community pool of internet-connected devices.
It is free to use for testing purposes by web and app developers.

The Lab is a collection of mobile devices that helps you do better mobile testing. It's Cape Town’s answer to Clearleft’s Test Lab; a community device lab, organised by Steve Barnett of Naga. Read about what this device lab is about, or keep up to date with Open Device Labs around the world at Open Device

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The Web and where it’s going

  1. Internet access across the world is increasing at a rapid pace. The change is especially noticeable with mobile devices. Many people have no fixed-line access to the web, instead relying on their mobile device. Web sites and web apps are being used across a wider range of software and hardware than ever before.

  2. In order to provide the best product to users and clients, it’s necessary to test across a wide range of platforms. Small screen devices, with patchy network connectivity are the most exciting and the most challenging of these. Mobile Operating System and browser emulators offer a reasonable way of testing layout, but can suffer from errors or differences in performance and behaviour. The best way of testing is to get hands-on and use the site as your users will: on actual devices.

Nomad Device Lab

Nomad Device Lab is a travelling, curated, collection of mobile devices.
It helps you to do practical and efficient testing.

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